Sunday, September 15, 2013

31 Days of Gratitude. Day 18

God moves in mysterious ways and today I witnessed it. Little things that make a huge impact are his hand in the human drama, invisibly pushing us in directions we would not have predicted. I'm learning to sit back and observe the underpinnings that part the waters! I'm grateful to learn to see with sight that has nothing to do with my eyes.

Things move in their own time.  You can push against the tide, but when things are as they were meant to be, that's when change happens.  Not before.  We are impatient.  We want immediate answers to our prayers.  It becomes frustrating when you keep going through the same motions without different results.

I've learned this lesson  - things happen in their own time, in their own way.  You can suggest and apply logic to a situation, often creating a sense of urgency only your own.

Then, as if there's a shifting of the weight from one side to another, things change.  Not because of the pushing and prodding, but because its now the right time.  Can one predict when it will be the right time?  Is the right time, like the perfect storm, something dependent upon alignment of the elements?  Impossible to say.  All I know is nothing is impossible.  It just takes time.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

31 Days of Gratitude. Day 17.

31 Days of Gratitude. Day 17. I'm so grateful for having remarkable people in my life. People come through with gifts of all sorts, the trick is to take time to listen well and recognize what they give. I pray that I will be open to receiving the bounty that lies before me in the people I encounter. In return, I hope I too am leaving this world a better place in whatever way I can.

One of these remarkable people was "Mrs. K" who made a huge impact on me in my formative years.  "Mrs. K" as we called her was a humble and caring woman who taught me to believe in myself and to trust my instincts.  She gave me room to grow and when needed, spent time patiently guiding me until the lesson was learned.  Mostly, she led by example, never judging and always loving the real person.  Today was Mrs. K's funeral and it was a celebration of a life not only well lived, but fully spent in service to the community, and to her family and friends.  Every person who was touched by her was left better for the experience.

Thank you, Mrs. K!  I am definitely one upon whom you left your mark in your steady, quiet and loving manner.  A few years ago I was asked in a very important job interview, "What was your most important leadership training?"  Immediately, I saw Mrs. K!  I was filled with joy as we celebrated her life today in her beautiful church surrounded by the many people who loved her.  It's been a long time since I personally spent time with this dear woman, but the seeds she sowed and took root in me live on.  It was my privilege to have known her and to be among those honoring her today.  Mrs. K you will never be forgotten because of the thousands of people whose hearts and minds you enriched.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Okay, I admit I am slow to catch-on at times and this is one of them.

I have discovered On-Demand!

It is truly a great thing.  Only one problem... I have not gotten off the couch in the weeks since finding it!  I am now watching all the Dexter episodes, three or four an evening!  I've stopped exercising, blogging, and talking with my family (although my husband is sitting next to me on the couch watching On-Demand with me - so we grunt at each other and discuss things happening to the characters on the screen.)  It's weird.  When you watch so many episodes in a roll, these people start to invade your real life.  I swear, I hear the Dexter theme song in my head all day long.  This is not good!

Before I found On-Demand on the television, it was a theme in my profession - Information Technology.  On-Demand means technology bringing information to you - anytime, anywhere - to make things easier for the Knowledge Worker, to make them more productive, to make companies more efficient and effective.

So, after all these years of preaching the value-add of On-Demand in the workplace, my in-home On-Demand fiber network connectivity has made me a slacker!  All I want to do is watch Dexter 24x7, which I can easily do until I fall out in a comatose state in my living room.

In the end, I have come to the conclusion that On-Demand anything has to be used with a good dose of common sense.  Like everything else - too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

As for Dexter, we are nearly caught-up and can start watching season 8 with the rest of y'all in real time - one week at a time, until the finale and the show finally ends.

Then, it's back to On-Demand to see what else we've been missing!  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another One Leaves the Nest

My daughter has been accepted into graduate school - in Chicago!

My husband, daughter and I visited the Windy City two weeks ago and it was windy!

Seriously, it was windy and cold and beautiful!

Recently, there has been a great deal of reported news about Chicago being the murder capital of the U.S.  I say, "So what!"  The District of Columbia and Baltimore have both had this honor bestowed upon them and I lived through these periods without incident.  None-the-less, our visit has made us more comfortable about our youngest going so far away from home for the next 5 years, and maybe she won't be coming back to live close to us once she graduates and starts her professional life.

If that's the case, then I think Chicago would be a delightful place to put down roots.  We once had neighborhood friends who moved to Chicago and reported they were having a fantastic life there.  My impression was one could have a really good time there!

As for the baby leaving the nest, well she did it before when she took off for under-graduate studies and we learned to live without her being around.  We also survived her post-graduation return too!  I see this as giving me a reason to go back to Chicago!  (I do wish it was a bit closer so we could drive instead of fly, but with the prices of parking in the city, perhaps not!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

You Never Know

Yesterday, I learned that someone who once worked for me died of cancer after a short 4 weeks from when she was diagnosed.  Today, news of another passing came on Facebook. 

My former employee will be remembered as a vivant and bubbly woman who took great pride in putting together an outward presentation that just sparkled, literally she sparkled.  Liz was almost bigger than life -- you could not miss her!  Truthfully, at times it was difficult to tolerate her over-the-top enthusiasm in large doses.  Sadly, a botched breast reduction catapulted Liz into a severe depression, one she never survived.  Her depression disabled her so severely she could not leave her house.  I suppose she simply did not have the will to live and succumbed to the ultimate illness, the Big C.

Cancer was also the cause of death in the second case.  I never met Barb, the wife of a friend of my cousin.  Sick for the past year, but surviving beyond the 2-3 month prognosis with an approaching January 17th birthday, my cousin organized on Facebook a campaign to have hundreds of birthday cards from around the world arrive to brighten Barb's last birthday.  The campaign was a huge success and Barb was overwhelmed to receive all these well wishes.  Barb sent via Facebook a beautiful thank you note saying how happiness is the best medicine.

Both of these stories have touched me because they are sad, because they happened to once vital women who dealt with their situations in a completely opposite manner.  It's easy to sit here and say I would make the best of my situation no matter what... but, really, you don't know.  I hope to never find out!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


It's so hard to get moving when it's COLD and DARK outside.

I'm not motivated to exercise, eat right or do anything that requires me to move.  As I sit in front of my computer longer during these long DARK winter evenings, I can feel my BUTT getting bigger and my weight climbing.  Tonight, I had to buy more "fat clothes!"

Digging down deep and coming up empty and discouraged because I spent the last two weeks using the GNC 7 Day Fast Loss Kit and while I lost some water weight, that's all I lost.

Spent time tonight on Pinterest trying to self-motivate.  It's gotta come from within - I know that!  It's just... JANUARY!  There's nothing exciting ahead until SPRING, and I bet the groundhog will see his shadow and extend this agony for another 6 weeks.

I know I have seasonal adjustment disorder (SAD - isn't that a nice acronym) and it seems to get harder each year to not just turn into a sallow-faced, bloated beast hanging out by the windows trying to soak up precious sunshine to just stay SANE.

It's not really that bad, but there is still February to LIVE through.

My one thread of HOPE is each day gets longer!

I see it happening and it's WONDERFUL.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - Another New Year's Eve Crash (vs. Bash)

I'm not a fan of New Year's!

I admit it's partially sour grapes because we never go out on New Year's Eve and the same old is getting really old.  But, I also tend to get melancholic as I think about how many years have passed since... youth - 2013 marks 40 years since I graduated from high school!  But, I only feel like I'm 45, so how can this be? family was all together - I'm talking about grandparents, aunts and uncles who have passed on.  I never forget them and really feel their absence this time of the year. Dad and I talked - the last time was hours before he passed away.  I still have the sound of those words locked away in my memory so I can recall it when I need to hear his voice again. first New Year's Eve party when I was 15!  It was magical, and as we walked home it was snowing!  I felt so grown up that night! best girlfriends and I were inseparable!  We keep in touch, but with long stretches between calls and the much too seldom visits. love for my husband burned so hot it was unbearable to be apart.  We've entered that comfortable stage when sparks fly, but it takes more work. children were small and we all celebrated New Year's Eve together!  Now, being in their early 20's, spending this special night with their parents is unthinkable, and I understand as I still remember what it was like to be their age.
I don't like being melancholic, but it's unavoidable because these things once meant so much to me, and they are past and not to be re-lived.  You don't realize when you are living your life how time will pass and things will change.  

I'm not afraid of the future, so the thought of a new year approaching isn't a negative.  In fact, I'd just like to keep going around the calendar without making such a big deal.

Probably, there are two ways to avoid going through this next December 31st.  Go to a party and be distracted, or go to bed early!

I never go to bed early!